30 Years in Business!

Smith Valley 30th Anniversary

Words from Dr. Scott

Life tends to offer several milestones. Here at Smith Valley Smiles we have approached one that offers great opportunity for introspection and reflection. April 1, 2015 is the anniversary for opening the office; 30 years ago….yes 30 years!

I find it absolutely amazing that Marianne and I have been in this adventure for this long. Reflecting back, it dawned on me, but as someone born and raised in Oregon, we have lived here much longer than my years in Oregon. I am comfortable saying that I am a Nevadan; proud and happy to be here.

I remember quite clearly the anxiety and trepidation involved with building the office from scratch, whether or not the practice would be a success, how would we make it all work. Some predicted failure, most did not. Marianne and I have always taken the approach that good, bad, or ugly, this is what we were going to do.

Over the years we have seen the practice grow, expanded the building and equipped the office to accommodate this; watched our children grow and bring their lives back to include us, and see a new generation providing access to care.

To all of our family, friends, and patients who have been with us through the years,Thank You! I am humbled by your support; and to the one person who has believed in me and supported me through all of this, and an incredible partner in building this…Marianne, thank you, I love you. Sorry Prez. B.O. …we did build this, we have the pictures to prove it. We have included some of them for you.

Words from Dr. Andrea

Wow! 30 years! First of all, I must say congratulations Scott and Marianne. Kristofor and I, as well as Danielle and Daniel, and Fred are so happy for you. As I sit back and reflect on where I fit into all of this, it reminds me of how fast time does fly, and how lucky and proud I am to be a part of what we are doing here at Smith Valley Smiles.

May of this year marks eight years since my graduation from dental school and my beginning as Dr. Andrea in the practice. Some people advised against working with family and had doubts about mixing the personal and professional relationships. I can tell you it has been such a pleasure working with my mother and father-in-law. Scott and Marianne have supported and nourished my life both professionally and personally, and I could not be more grateful for the relationship we have developed.

When I think back on all the stories about the beginnings of Smith Valley smiles a.k.a. Scott Leinassar DMD, two cannot go without mention. One is the integral part Marianne’s parents, Fred and Irene, had in helping Scott and Marianne get the practice built in the very place it stands today.

Although many changes have been made the pictures give some insight into where it all began in 1985 and what it has become today; in fact, the sign you see in the summer of 1991 pictures surrounded by all the beautiful flowers, was a gift from Irene.

The second story is about a letter Dr. Scott shared with me written to him from his father Jorma who was a physician. It was the opportunity given to me to by Scott and Marianne to work at the dental office in 1998 and this letter that encouraged me to pursue a career in dentistry.

To Kristofor, thank you for sticking it out the four years we were apart while I went to dental school and for never hesitating to support my decision to go to Denver. When I think about the word family in Smith Valley Smiles Family Dentistry, several meanings come to mind.

To our patients, our team, our friends and our families, thank you for your support.

To Scott and Marianne, thank you for bringing me into this with open minds and hearts. From Kristofor and I, Aubrey and Jeremy, thank you Mom and Dad (grandma and grandpa), congrats to 30 years! CHEERS!

Smith Valley Smiles
2311 Highway 208
Smith, NV 89430
Phone: 775-465-2388


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